Saturday, April 23, 2011

paintings of shuvaprasanna

This paintings will go down in history as crucially timed, with elections in West Bengal just around the corner, and the possible downturn of an unhindered thirty-year-long Communist rule. The bold depiction of the honchos of the Communist party, all without their left hands, sitting surrounding the dead draped body of their oldest ablest comrade leaves little to imagination.  It comes across to me as a bit too propagandist, bereft of all subtlety and unbecoming of an artist of Shuvaprasanna's stature. Formally, however, it evokes the Mexican mural tradition, especially the work of Diego Rivera.  Another image that depicts a lady in white sari leading a band of followers, pied-piper style, is equally blatant and almost illustrative in character. Although the overall mood of the image remains vague insofar as its subject is left ambiguous, the narrative nature of the image detracts from its aesthetic potential.

-- Paroma Maiti

"Knowing is enough to mislead us"-  Maurice Blanchot
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