Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Muddy River

A new novel from P.A.Krishnan
The Muddy River

The Muddy River tells and re-tells the story of Ramesh Chandran, a bureaucrat caught up in the machinations of Assamese politics and public sector corruption during his quest to rescue a hapless engineer
kidnapped by militants. As Chandran bumbles along, he encounters the engineer's wife, who is a pocket-sized battle-axe; a cynical police officer; a
venerable Gandhian and Anupama, another engineer torn between professional integrity and her love for Assam. While the rescue drama reaches its climax, Chandran also exposes a massive financial scandal in his company and pays the price for ignoring warnings that he might push too far for an unashamedly corrupt society's comfort. An aspiring writer, Chandran weaves the events of this time into a novel, while attempting to come to terms with his own marriage in the aftermath of the death of their only child. But how much does Chandran understand other people's truths and motivations? And how much does his wife,
Sukanya, know about the events of the novel?  Multi-layered and complex, The Muddy River blurs the boundaries between the story and storyteller, victims and victimisers, keeping the reader guessing till the very end.
Imprint Tranquebar Press
Format Paperback
Extent 296pp
Pub date Oct-11
Rs 250
ISBN 9789380658568
P A Krishnan P.A. Krishnan started his career as a teacher, became a bureaucrat in the Government of India and shed that mantle to become the CEO of a research foundation. He is presently a Senior Director of a multinational company. An accomplished writer, both in English and Tamil, he lives in Delhi with his wife, Revathi, who is a teacher. His only son, Siddharth, lives in Mountain View, California with his wife, Vinita.

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