Sunday, December 9, 2012

Repeal the Sedition Law - PUCL

  • An Appeal to All Indians!!
       Please join the mobile campaign launched by PUCL demanding the Repeal of the Sedition law in India by calling the number 09266802178. You will hear a recorded thanks message. Please circulate the number in your circle of friends, acquaintances and e-groups.
       This is part of the larger campaign launched by PUCL and other human rights organisations in India demanding repeal of s. 124A of IPC (Indian Penal Code). We are hoping to get 10 lakh signatures to be presented to the Indian parliament by the Budget session in March, 2013 representing the growing voices of ordinary citizens against the anti-democratic law which was first passed by the British Government to suppress India's national movement; and which is being used by independent India to crush voices of dissent and protest.

       Please also see the following site for more details:

We shall shortly be uploading banners with this same message on Facebook and other social media sites.


with thanks,

Dr. V. Suresh, National General Secretary, PUCL.

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